2018 Theme - Shipwrecked, Rescued By Jesus!

2018 Theme - Shipwrecked, Rescued By Jesus!

Each June, Dreisbach hosts a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program.  The VBS program is planned over the course of several months by numerous volunteers creating a memorable experience, year after year, for children of all ages!   Dreisbach encourages children from across the local communities to hear God's message in a fun way.

A typical night at VBS opens with music and a skit in the sanctuary.  The skit is an introduction of the evening's bible message.  The children then go to different stations throughout the night which feature crafts, games, Bible lessons, and snacks.  The evening ends with more music and a closing message.  In addition, Dreisbach has been gifted with a unique gentleman known as "Uncle Jerry" to the children.  Uncle Jerry is known for starting off the program with the children, mingles throughout the stations, and leads the evening closing.

The 2018 VBS theme was "Shipwrecked" "Rescued by Jesus" held June 11 - 15.    The closing program was held during worship on June 17.  Following the worship service, a Chinese and Silent auctions was held to defray the expenses of hosting a VBS program.

During this year's VBS, the children adventured onto an uncharted island where children survived and thrived.  Children left VBS knowing there is someone bigger than their struggles and stronger than their weaknesses that will carry them through life's storms.    The "adult children" volunteering throughout the week enjoyed knowing they extended love to those within and outside the walls of Dreisbach.

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2018 - Shipwrecked, Rescued by Jesus!