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Our History

Dreisbach United Church of Christ is sharing the love of Christ from the Heart of the Buffalo Valley. Our church was founded in the early 1770's when a group of German Reformed settlers began worshiping together in the Buffalo Valley of central Pennsylvania. In the year 1788 these worshipers joined with their Lutheran neighbors to build a church on land donated by Martin Dreisbach, an elder of the Reformed congregation. Due to Martin Dreisbach's generous contribution, not only the land but also toward the construction of a log building, the church became know as Dreisbach Church. It functioned as a union church with the Lutheran and Reformed congregations sharing the use of the building.

The log structure was replaced in 1839 with a larger, brick building. However, when extensive structural repairs were later required, a new building was erected in 1860. That building stood until 1963, when during construction of an addition was underway, the south wall began to collapse. As a result the structure was replaced with the current building in 1964. Also in 1963 the Lutheran congregation decided to withdraw from the union church to establish their own church, which is now Faith Lutheran Church near Lewisburg. Since that time, the church has continued to expand its programs, participating in a variety of mission projects and developing a recreation area with a gazebo.

Today after 230+ years of faithful praising and serving the Lord, Dreisbach United Church of Christ remains an active congregation seeking to be a witness for Christ in the Buffalo Valley.

To celebrate Dreisbach's 230 years in 2018, our congregation held a fun activity called "Flat Dreisbach". Each member was encouraged to take the picture of the church with them on their travels, snap a photo of them where they were with the Dreisbach picture, and share with their church family. To see where the Dreisbach congregation traveled, click here. The celebration continued in September 2018 when we held our 230th Birthday Party! Now that was a lot of candles on a cake!