Each July the youth of Dreisbach and surrounding churches travel to Harvey Cedars in New Jersey as a perfect opportunity to get away and experience Christ in a new, fresh way.  Harvey Cedars offers experienced youth pastors an opportunity to create cutting-edge programs that teach, challenge, encourage, and prepare students to live a life that is honoring to God.  Each year a specific theme, drawn from Scripture, is chosen for its relevance to youth culture and promotes opportunities for spiritual growth.  Speakers and worship teams are also carefully selected to match the audience and overall goals of the week. Christ has worked in amazing ways throughout the lives of generations of students at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference.  It is exciting to see what He will do in years to come and to see the rich legacy of faith-building as it impacts each season of youth in the future.

Contact Us if you would like to join Dreisbach during our annual trip to Harvey Cedars!