The Membership Committee hosted a 230th Birthday Party for Dreisbach on September 22, 2018.  An evening of great fun was had by kids of all ages!   

Pictures from the evening can be found here. Highlights of the evening included:


The evening started at 4pm with Air Weaver who gave us an experience of a full stage show of  comedy, magic and the most amazing balloons you’ve ever seen!  There was lots of audience participation and tons of fun!  Air Weaver stayed with us through most of the night and numerous balloon creations were made for the kids!

We continued our evening by welcoming, from the Philadelphia area, the Dueling Pianos featuring Tony T. (Anthony Decarolis) & Wildman Joe (Joe Marchetti). This duo performed energetic sing along classics for all types of music lovers.

Memories were created by all using dozens of props including fun hats, glasses, card board cutouts, and more!

No Birthday Party is complete without CAKE so we lit candles representing 230 years of Christ’s following at Dreisbach and the children in attendance blew out the candles.


We wanted to test our knowledge on 230 years of Dreisbach history so we played a little game with everyone. Sandy Catherman was the winner of our famous cookbook and a $25 gift certificate to Penn’s Tavern with 20 correct answers. Congrats, Sandy!

1.      Who initiated the summer youth trip to Harvey cedars Bible Conference in New Jersey? Pastor Mike & Ruth Romig

2.      Where is the original deed for the church property located? Sunbury, Northumberland County

3.      In what year was an 850 pound bell obtained? 1901

4.      Why was the Young Adult Sunday school class transformed into the Friends-N-Faith class? The Members Were No Longer Young

5.      Who donated 7 ½ acres of land for the church? Martin Dreisbach

6.      In what year did the Lutheran and UCC congregations separate? 1963

7.      In the 1930s who was one of the best remembered pastors? Rev. Herbert Zechman - he started VBS at Dreisbach

8.      Fill in the blank.  The first church building was made of _______________________. Logs

9.      In what year did Rev. Bill Bastian accept a call to be Dreisbach’s pastor? 1966

10.  Which came first, the cemetery or the church? Cemetary with burials as early as 1770s

11.  How long has Jerry been doing Vacation Bible School? 26 years

12.  What Lutheran minister was kidnapped and drugged while he was a student at the University of Anspach in Germany, and then transported to America with Hessian troops used by the British during the Revolutionary War? Ludwig Albrecht William Ilgen

13.  Who was the first woman to be elected to the Consistory? Margaret Boob in 1972

14.  Which early pastor was an ancestor of Paul Harvey? John Dietrich Aurandt who served from 1801- 1804

15.  In what year did English become the standard language for worships services? 1880

16.  Rev. Bill and Connie Bastian sought to expose the youth to the needs and problems of the wider world.  What was one of their first ventures? Introduction to the working conditions of migrant laborers in Union County

17.  Participation in what offerings has made Dreisbach a “Five-for-Five” church in the UCC denomination? One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthenn the Church, The Christmas Fund, Our Churches Wider Mission

18.  During the early years, most members of Dreisbach used what means of transportation to get to church? Walked

19.  Who introduced the congregation to contemporary praise music? Ruth Romig

20.  What interim pastor would often perform magical illusions during children’s sermons? Rev. Thomas Musser

21.  How many Revolutionary War veterans are buried in the cemetery? 11

22.  True or False – The current sanctuary contains pews from the old church. True

23.  What is Dreisbach’s most significant means of supporting missions? Semi-Annual Rummage Sale

24.  Name three of the four oldest living members of the church. Arla Berger, Charlotte Neitz, Mabel June Walter, Ella Willow

25.  What church members went to a village near Moosonee in northern Ontario, Canada to give assistance to a Cree Indian and Eskimo congregation that was struggling to build a church? Joy and Sylvester Catherman